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Dazzle After Divorce!

and grow through what you go through


I'm Linzi

Photo of Linzi Kavanagh, founder of Linzi Kavanagh Coaching, sitting at her computer, focused on empowering women after divor
Linzi Kavanagh Coaching - Health & Wellbeing StartUp of the Year Finalist

Want to be able to emotionally heal after your breakup or divorce?

Do you need to get him out of your head now he is out of your life?

Do you want to be the best version of yourself to support your children through all of this?

Do you want to be able to truthfully say "I'm over it all and I've moved on?"

As an Empowerment Coach specializing in guiding women through separation and divorce, I use my qualifications in Psychology, Counselling, Coaching, NLP, and EFT to guide your mindset into helping you rather than holding you back.

Drawing from my own personal journey through a high-conflict divorce, I understand the challenges you face

But by getting your mindset in the right place you'll be able to develop rock-solid confidence, stop those texts or pics on social media from triggering you, sleep again at night without constantly ruminating over every argument and most importantly, you'll fall in love with your brand new life and future.

My mission is clear: to support you in navigating the emotional turmoil of your breakup or divorce and empower you to embrace the next chapter of your life with confidence, worthiness, and trust in yourself.

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I liked the message on my t-shirt!)

My Story

Qualifications I have as a divorce coach
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Photo of Linzi Kavanagh, founder of Linzi Kavanagh Coaching, proudly displayed as a finalist for the Great British Entreprene

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Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice - Heather Ash Amara

About me

My Story

I found myself in a similar place to you a few years ago when my 16 year marriage ended.  I was overwhelmed. terrified, lost and broken.  I felt my past had been taken away from me - the happy memories I had of family holidays, celebrations and all the experiences you have in over 20 years together.....were those even real?  My future had also been taken away from me - all the imaginings of celebrating kids graduations, weddings, spoiling grandkids and leisurely retirement holidays when we finally had a bit of money....that was all gone too.  So what does that leave?

I realised all I had was RIGHT NOW, the present time, and what I did with that would ultimately shape my future.  So I concentrated on that and my kids.  Being present in the now.  Being grateful for what I had.  Recognising the small joys that are actually the big wins in life. 

I took one baby step at a time, I read a ton of self help books, I meditated and I got to know myself a whole lot better.  I discovered that after 14 years of being a stay at home mum I wanted to put my Psychology degree to good use.  I went back to university at the grand old age of 44 and studied counselling.  I then felt passionately that I wanted to put together everything I had learned both professionally through my qualifications and my own personal experiences and provide women with a toolkit of  techniques and strategies to enable them to move positively and confidently into the next chapter of their lives.   

I promise you there are so many things you can do to take control of your life and allow these circumstances to happen FOR you instead of TO you.  

Photo of Linzi Kavanagh, founder of Linzi Kavanagh Coaching, feeling free, happy, and empowered on a beach, after divorce

What if this was your wake-up call from the universe that life could be so much better for you than what it was? You owe it to yourself to find out!

Work with me

If you want to thrive rather than
just survive through your divorce
then you are where you are meant to be!

Do you want to get rid of the panicky feeling when you think of your ex, or when a text comes through from them? Are you tired of spending precious emotional energy on them?

 What about the big heavy rock in the pit of your stomach when you think of your finances and your future?

Or are you looking in the mirror realising that your confidence is at zero and you don't even know who you are anymore?

Do you feel overwhelmed juggling all your responsibilities, your own feelings and everyone else's too?

We will work together in a safe space to process and heal your emotions  so that your divorce doesn't define the rest of your life.
Get your power back, get YOU back and get ready to pull your big girl pants on!
We will explore and uncover all those uncomfortable emotions using tools and strategies to help you move forward positively and confidently.  You will learn how to set boundaries and be proactive rather than reactive. 
You will be able to grow resilience, take control and powerfully move through your divorce experience with clarity, calmness and kindness.

Photo of Linzi Kavanagh, founder of Linzi Kavanagh Coaching, wearing a t-shirt that says 'Choose Happy,' embodying her missio
work with me

You cannot calm the storm so stop trying.

What you can do is calm yourself.

The Storm will pass.


Sparkle & Shine

6 weeks 1-1 self love programme

Are you ready to stop hating yourself and start helping yourself after your breakup or divorce?

In "Sparkle and Shine," we're all about helping you believe that you totally deserve to rock your new life after a breakup.


Together, we'll tackle those pesky limiting beliefs and kick those negative labels to the curb. That inner critic? Yeah, we'll teach you how to shut her down and boost your confidence big time.

But wait, there's more!


Next up, it's all about getting to know the amazing woman you are right now. Let's dig into your values, what really matters to you, and the feelings you want in your life.


Once we've got that figured out, get ready to create your roadmap to a future that's better than you could ever have imagined.

In "Sparkle and Shine," you'll get:

💫 Mindset Makeover: Say goodbye to doubt and hello to a mindset that's all about kicking butt.

💫 Self-Discovery : Dive into exercises that help you uncover your true self and what you're all about.

💫 The roadmap to your fab future: Get a clear plan for creating a life that's filled with love, success, and all-around happiness.

It's time to leave the past behind and step into your brightest, most awesome self. Ready to shine like never before?

Dazzle After Divorce

3 months 1-1 healing experience

My most intimate, private and bespoke healing experience,  designed to give you full 1-1 access to all of my expertise, skills and knowledge to help you find the power to heal and rediscover your self worth and live your best life, full of strength, joy and happiness.

Ready to take back control and own your life post-divorce? Get ready to dazzle!

In "Dazzle After Divorce," we're all about reclaiming your headspace and making it yours again.


Say goodbye to dwelling on the past and hello to focusing on the amazing person you are today.


No more letting your ex steal the spotlight – it's all about you now.

Here's what you'll achieve in just 3 months:

CALM: We will turn the chaos into calm! I will help you to put an end to your fight or flight response as you’re dealing with the overwhelm of changes and responsibilities. No more sleepless nights. No more bottled up emotions. No more going over the endless loops of upsetting memories playing in your head. You will learn to let go and step into a calm, healthy state of mind. 

CONTROL:You'll learn key strategies for taking back control (mostly of your headspace), so you can put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your life. We will work on shifting negative self-beliefs, reframing your thoughts, dealing with triggers, and focusing on self-care (no, I’m not talking about massages or bubble baths!) You will then finally believe in your ability to heal and become mentally strong and resilient. 

⚡CLARITY: We will work on changing your perspective both on what happened in the past and the situation you are in now so you can let go of obsessing over him or what could have been. If you are holding onto emotions like resentment, anger, guilt, grief and loss, you will also learn how to release them.


⚡COMMUNICATION: If communicating effectively with your ex is something you’re struggling with, that’s something we can work on together. You will learn how to respond rather than react to him (yes, there’s a difference!) and also stop the triggers that pop up and ruin your entire day. These exercises will help you to co-parent effectively whilst maintaining boundaries!  

⚡CONNECTION:Connection back to yourself is so important! You will begin to connect to the woman you are NOW. To help you move forward, we will focus on finding what sparks a fire in you now, what makes you happy, what your priorities are and what FEELINGS are important to you in life so you can bring more of this into your current situation. You will also be encouraged to connect with support networks.  

⚡CHOICES: Once you’ve connected back to self and understand exactly who you are and what you want and feel empowered enough to get it, you will begin to explore your exciting next steps. This will help really move you forward towards creating a life that truly fulfills you - and does not have you thinking about your ex!

⚡CREATE: Once you have been guided through the important healing steps and have developed your newfound confidence, you will be supported through taking the steps you need to build the life you want and fill it with joy, peace, fulfillment and THRILLS!   

With ⚡Dazzle After Divorce,⚡ you'll truly transform your life and your future in every area.

Fly Into Your Future

6 months 1-1 transformational experience

Are you ready to soar into a future filled with boundless possibilities? Get ready to spread your wings, transform your life and fly!

In "Fly Into Your Future," we're taking things to the next level. This isn't just about healing and moving on – it's about crafting the extraordinary life you've always dreamed of.


Buckle up for an exhilarating journey of transformation and empowerment!

Here's what's waiting for you in our 6 months of intensive coaching:

As well as EVERYTHING from ⚡Dazzle After Divorce⚡you also get:

ACTION-PACKED PLANS: Say goodbye to wishful thinking and hello to actionable plans that propel you towards your goals. We'll map out every step of your journey, ensuring you have a clear path to success.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Get ready for some serious support! You'll have an accountability partner cheering you on every step of the way, keeping you focused, motivated, and on track to greatness.

CRAFT YOUR DREAM FUTURE: It's time to get creative! We'll work together to craft the life of your dreams, from career aspirations to personal passions and everything in between. No dream is too big – let's make them a reality!

TRANSFORMATIVE GROWTH: Prepare to level up in every aspect of your life. From mindset shifts to skill development, you'll experience transformative growth that sets you up for lifelong success.

UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL: Unlock your full potential and step into the best version of yourself. With personalised coaching and support, you'll discover just how limitless you truly are.

CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS: Along the way, we'll celebrate every win, big or small. Because every step forward is a victory worth honoring!

With "Fly Into Your Future," you'll not only spread your wings – you'll soar to new heights and embrace the extraordinary life you were always meant to live.

Not sure which one you need?

Coffee & a chat

(or vodka & vent!)

Whatever may be needed the most!

But seriously, this is just a chat for us to get to know one another. There are loads of different ways you can work with me, each one tailored for your budget and situation.

This is where we work together to find out what would be best for you.

Best of all its completely


Want to know what others have said?

My offerings

Linzi is warm, approachable and immediately put me at ease.  She understood all the emotions and overwhelm I was feeling and broke everything I was trying to cope with down into manageable steps.  She gave me back my confidence and strategies to cope with co-parenting, financial decisions and dating.

I'm now looking forward to the future!

- Rebecca

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