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Dazzle After Divorce!

and grow through what you go through

I'm an Empowerment Coach for women experiencing separation and divorce. Using my qualifications in Psychology, Counselling, Coaching, NLP and EFT, I'm here to encourage you to move forward into the next chapter of your life feeling hopeful, optimistic and determined.
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My Story


I'm Linzi

How to get over separation or divorce and emotionally heal
Qualifications I have as a divorce coach

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Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice - Heather Ash Amara

About me

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My Story

I found myself in a similar place to you a few years ago when my 16 year marriage ended.  I was overwhelmed. terrified, lost and broken.  I felt my past had been taken away from me - the happy memories I had of family holidays, celebrations and all the experiences you have in over 20 years together.....were those even real?  My future had also been taken away from me - all the imaginings of celebrating kids graduations, weddings, spoiling grandkids and leisurely retirement holidays when we finally had a bit of money....that was all gone too.  So what does that leave?

I realised all I had was RIGHT NOW, the present time, and what I did with that would ultimately shape my future.  So I concentrated on that and my kids.  Being present in the now.  Being grateful for what I had.  Recognising the small joys that are actually the big wins in life. 

I took one baby step at a time, I read a ton of self help books, I meditated and I got to know myself a whole lot better.  I discovered that after 14 years of being a stay at home mum I wanted to put my Psychology degree to good use.  I went back to university at the grand old age of 44 and studied counselling.  I then felt passionately that I wanted to put together everything I had learned both professionally through my qualifications and my own personal experiences and provide women with a toolkit of  techniques and strategies to enable them to move positively and confidently into the next chapter of their lives.   

I promise you there are so many things you can do to take control of your life and allow these circumstances to happen FOR you instead of TO you.  

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What if this was your wake-up call from the universe that life could be so much better for you than what it was? You owe it to yourself to find out!

Work with me

If you want to thrive rather than just survive through your divorce then you are where you are meant to be!


Do you want to get rid of the panicky feeling when you think of your ex, or when a text comes through from them? Are you tired of spending precious emotional energy on them?

 What about the big heavy rock in the pit of your stomach when you think of your finances and your future?

Or are you looking in the mirror realising that your confidence is at zero and you don't even know who you are anymore?

Do you feel overwhelmed juggling all your responsibilities, your own feelings and everyone else's too?

We will work together in a safe space to process and heal your emotions  so that your divorce doesn't define the rest of your life.


Get your power back, get YOU back and get ready to pull your big girl pants on!


We will explore and uncover all those uncomfortable emotions using tools and strategies to help you move forward positively and confidently.  You will learn how to set boundaries and be proactive rather than reactive. 


You will be able to grow resilience, take control and powerfully move through your divorce experience with clarity, calmness and kindness.

work with me

You cannot calm the storm so stop trying.

What you can do is calm yourself.

The Storm will pass.

My current offerings

Coffee & a chat

(or vodka & vent!)

Whatever may be needed the most!

But seriously, this is just a chat for us to get to know one another. There are loads of different ways you can work with me, each one tailored for your budget and situation.

This is where we work together to find out what would be best for you.

Best of all its completely


1-1  Bespoke Coaching Programme
Dazzle After Divorce

A personalised 3 month premium coaching programme with weekly 1-1 calls supported by therapeutic tools.  

Want to know what others have said?

My offerings

Linzi is warm, approachable and immediately put me at ease.  She understood all the emotions and overwhelm I was feeling and broke everything I was trying to cope with down into manageable steps.  She gave me back my confidence and strategies to cope with co-parenting, financial decisions and dating.

I'm now looking forward to the future!

- Rebecca

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