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Helping women like you to not only heal, but THRIVE after divorce

After Divorce

Learn to shift your negative self-talk and build a mindset of bulletproof confidence so you can consciously create the life you want after your divorce.

3 Months
1-1 Healing Experience

My most intimate, private, and bespoke healing experience is designed to help you rediscover your self-worth and live a life full of strength, joy, and happiness post-divorce.

This is for you if you need support with ALL THE THINGS!

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Programme Overview

"Dazzle After Divorce" is all about reclaiming your life and headspace. You'll learn to let go of the past, focus on your present self, and build a strong foundation for a joyful future.

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Deciding to do Dazzle After Divorce turned out to be honestly the best I could ever have done for my kids and I.  It really helped me heal which in turn made me a much better, more present mum.  I was able to get my life together so much faster and create such a lovely future for my kids and I. 

- Katherine

Whats Included

Here's what you can expect from my Dazzle After Divorce programme:

Key Benefits


  • Turn chaos into calm

  • End sleepless nights and overwhelming emotions


  • Change your perspective on the past and present

  • Release negative emotions like resentment and guilt


  • Reclaim your headspace

  • Develop strategies for self-care and resilience


  • Build unwavering self-confidence

  • Embrace your strengths and capabilities for a brighter future

Pay in Full and Monthly Payment Plans are available 

You will receive:

Photo of Linzi Kavanagh, founder of Linzi Kavanagh Coaching, jumping with joy on a beach, celebrating empowerment and freedom
  • Access to 3 months of personalised, tailored support from a qualified Divorce Coach

  • Fortnightly 1:1 hour-long Zoom sessions where you can ask questions, receive feedback, and be supported

  • Access to me via Voxer where you can ask questions and reach out for support between calls

  • Homework with action steps at the end of every call to give you something to work on for the following week

  • Plenty of useful guides and resources to keep you accountable

  • Join now and get 3 months of dedicated support!

What makes this program different?

Photo of two hands clasped together, symbolizing the supportive community fostered by Linzi Kavanagh Coaching for women after

The High Level of Personalised Support

This programme is completely personalised and tailored to each individual. Whether you need support with co-parenting, finding yourself again, or even finding a new partner, I will meet you where you are.

Photo of running shoes in motion, symbolizing the progress and journey of personal growth and empowerment that women experien

I’ve Been in Your Shoes

My own marriage came to an unwanted end after 16 years. I had zero savings, tons of debt, and I was truly terrified. But I came out the other side, more confident and in control of my life than ever!

When I was going through my own divorce, I realised there was lots of advice on the practical and legal areas of divorce but little out there to specifically help with mental health during separation or divorce. That’s why I started this coaching business!

Symbol of a clock, representing the future and the transformative journey women embark on with Linzi Kavanagh Coaching to reb

I am

Forward-Thinking and Future-Focused

A lot of divorce coaches out there focus on the past. We are not here to dwell on the past and have you reliving old memories! We will work on building your future, not rehashing your past. Because ultimately, this is what will move you forward.

The duration of the program is 3 months but the transformation is life-long and will affect every single area in your life.


Prepare for powerful shifts!  

Why listen to me?

Hey, I'm Linzi! 

I'm an empowerment coach for women experiencing separation and divorce.

The truth is, I’ve been where you are now.

I was married for 16 years when my husband told me he was leaving. As a stay-at-home mum for 14 years, I had no money to my name, zero savings, no childcare, rubbish credit, and my name wasn’t even on our mortgage.

But was I going to let it destroy me? Absolutely not!

I overcame my grief, got my finances straight, developed an unwavering mindset, earned my coaching qualification, started this incredible business, and got my life back on track!

There are many divorce coaches out there, but few have actually walked in your shoes.

You should also know that here, we are extremely future-focused. I understand the difficulties you’ve been going through more than anyone, and they will NEVER be brushed over. But we are here to move you forward and get you to a place where you can step into your worthy AF self, develop bulletproof confidence, and start thriving after your divorce!

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Ready to Dazzle?

Transform your life and your future in every area.

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More Coaching Options

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Not sure what option is best for you?

Whether it’s over a cup of coffee or something a bit stronger, let’s have a relaxed conversation to see how I can support you.

This is an opportunity for us to get acquainted and discuss the various ways I can assist you. Every service I offer is tailored to your specific needs and budget. Together, we'll determine the best path forward for you.

Best of all, this consultation is completely free!

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