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Are you ready to navigate through your divorce with confidence, grace and growth?

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A FREE toolkit to help women like you feel confident in communicating with your ex, and take back control over your negative self-talk so you can begin the healing process!   

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“How will this even make a difference?” I hear you…

I know it probably feels like you’ve tried everything to try and move forwards on this healing journey, but you are still feeling stuck.

Everytime someone suggests “try affirmations, try journaling, try this, try that…” you think to yourself “will that really work?” or “what difference is that going to make?”

I’ve been there myself…

But trust me, it is taking the important steps like changing your self-talk and developing an unwavering confidence that are crucial in order to move on and thrive.


Speaking from experience here!

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Inside you will find:

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  • Journal prompts to help you process your emotions and move forwards 

  • Tips on how to communicate effectively with your ex

  • Affirmations to help you heal from your divorce

  • Tools for not only healing, but thriving and dazzling after divorce

This is for you if:

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You have started to recognize that you need some support to get through your divorce and you understand the importance of spending time working on your mindset. 


You've had time to come to terms with the fact that this is really happening and have accepted that it’s time to move forwards with your life.


You are worried about your divorce negatively impacting your kids, career and life.

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This toolkit is designed to help you:


Have more confidence in communicating with your ex


You will be equipped with the tools you need to communicate clearly and confidently with your ex and to feel less intimidated by him.


Be more aware of your thoughts and feeling towards the divorce


You will learn how to connect with yourself better and process your emotions so you can begin a successful healing journey.


Drop the self-sabotaging beliefs and use more positive encouraging self-talk


Instead of telling yourself “If only I hadn't been so naggy he might not have left…If only I had been more this or that…”, you will learn to CONTROL the voice in your head so you can start feeling worthy again!


See a light at the end of the tunnel


The exercises inside will help give you the glimmer of hope and nudge of encouragement you need right now. Practicing these exercises consistently will help get you ready for change and excited to step into your new, thriving, dazzling self.

Why listen to me?

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Hey, I’m Linzi!    


I'm an empowerment coach for women experiencing separation and divorce.


The truth is, I’ve been where you are now. 

I’d been married for 16 years when my husband told me he was leaving me. I was a stay-at-home mum for the past 14 years and had no money to my name, zero savings, no childcare, rubbish credit and my name wasn’t even on our mortgage. 


But was I going to let it destroy me? Absolutely not!    


I overcame my grief, got my finances straight, developed an unwavering mindset, got my coaching qualification, started this incredible business and got my life back on-track!


There are so many divorce coaches out there. But few that have actually walked in your shoes.


You should also know that here, we are extremely future-focused. I understand the difficulties you’ve been going through more than anyone, and they will NEVER be brushed over. But we are here to move you forwards and get you to a place where you can step into your worthy AF self, develop bulletproof confidence and start thriving after your divorce!

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What clients are saying...

"Linzi was so encouraging, gentle and understanding but definitely gave me a kick up the butt when it was needed!

"Linzi supported me to see things differently, to look at the bigger picture, the real picture instead of the negative crappy stories I was telling myself.  She built back up my belief in myself."

"I came to you for help with my divorce thinking I could maybe feel a bit better about just that. I honestly didn’t have a clue just how much my life would change from meeting and working with you."

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